Some Albums, 2023

2023 was an interesting year for music. I listened to more albums*projects, tapes, what have youprojects, tapes, what have youx from this year during this year than I have from any other year period. My breadth-first approach to music this year has taken me across blogs, comments, articles, lists, reviews, and recommendations to form a massive list of projects released this year, which I will release once it's finished (i.e., it's no longer 2023).

This is a small, unordered and unorganized subset of that list, and doesn't even represent the best of it, or even my favorites from the list. Rather, it's some music that I feel was overlooked by some of the bigger publications, common comments, and so forth, this list is some of the more novel and interesting projects I managed to find this year. You can perhaps tell some of my main interests lie in hip-hop, but I was not afraid to stray from my normal stomping grounds this year or in this list.

If you feel I've overlooked something, missed your favorites, or if your lists look entirely different, I would love to see what you think.


In tracks laced with boasts and braggadocio about taking and trafficking in drugs and violence, ICECOLDBISHOP captures the same melancholy, excitement, and emptiness in a way that's reminiscent of how Future does the same at his best. The album explores the kinds of systems and individuals that make life what it is, that build up the layered world around him. ICECOLDBISHOP's pointed vocals and sharp flows ride a blend of trap and g-funk beats that feel as if they span eras.

That Mexican OT - Lonestar Luchador

First of all, "Johnny Dang" is the song of the year.

What makes this very good album great to me is just how much fun it is. The album oozes with fun, and That Mexican OT managed to craft it such that the joy and humor of the tracks and skits don't detract in the slightest from the more serious and sincere parts of the project. One of the nicest voices in the game right now teams up with a list of features that complement and complete his efforts resulting in something that feels like every moment was assembled meticulously and crafted with care.

Eartheater - Powders

A beautiful combination of instruments, synthesizers, and drum machines. Topped off with beautiful, ethereal vocals, Eartheater creates an otherworldly atmosphere on this album. With lyrics down-to-earth in one line and up to the moon in the next, she brings us to a world that moves as the mind wanders and as the heart beats. This tape is a great experience.

Wiki & Tony Seltzer - 14k Figaro

What can I say? One of my favorite rappers teams up with one of my favorite producers and the ensuing results are unsurprisingly very good. Wiki's incredible flows link with his clever lyrics for a great collection of stories, brags, references, and scenes. His bouncy flows fit perfectly over the smooth and eclectic environments Tony Seltzer brings to the album. This might be my top hip-hop release of the year.

Algiers - Shook

Algiers have come out with a sound and message such that features from Big Rube, billy woods, and ZDLR feel right at home. They deftly combine elements of hip-hop, post-punk, industrial, and more into a truly soulful experience of a record. This is one of the most interesting albums of the year, and is one of my top recommendations.

grouptherapy. - i was mature for my age, but i was still a child

grouptherapy.'s release is a reflective combination of alternative hip-hop and pop sounds that culminates in a groovy and thoughtful project. The music is energetic and poppy, and leans in to doing novel and curious things throughout. Very neat album from a very neat trio of musicians.

Hania Rani - On Giacometti

In a year with many great experimental releases, this was the one I returned to the most. Hania Rani combines excellent piano compositions accompanied by light, mechanical percussion and expansive strings and synthesizers. This music is intricate and detailed enough to demand one's full attention, but also soothing enough to as to allow the mind to turn itself over as one listens. And further, while I can't claim to be so intimitaely familiar with his work, the feelings and senses activated when listening to this album are very compatible with those activated while looking at the works of Giacometti for whom this album is named.

lostrushi - SISTERHOOD

I've been getting into pluggnb and related scenes and there's really some special stuff in there. This is my favorite release out of that ecosystem this year. Songs that sound like JRPG soundtracks paired with blown-out drums and bass pair with airy, mystical vocals about sisterhood (among other things). Some very neat new directions are explored down these paths.