I'm getting into RSS finally

I don't know how it's taken so long. Perhaps the recent resurgence in some odd corners of the web has finally inspired me to do so. News, blogs, all that just so much easier to follow from an RSS reader. Not as easy to miss things, no algorithmic curation, just a bunch of links to articles. It's been nice so far.

And I don't want to just take in things, so I am making an RSS feed for whatever it is that I end up writing, be it here or elsewhere (because I think you can throw in any url in a feed). I've been so inspired to do this by a fair number of people, but the last domino before I fell to doing this was Lu Wilson's excellent wikiblogarden. I also aim to backport my prior writings into this feed for the sake of completeness and fun. This isn't quite a promise that I'll be putting out more stuff in the near future, but it is a declaration of my intents and hopes. So, enjoy or don't, here's the link

rss feed