Introducing: Darvish Pitch Predictor

Yu Darvish is one of my favorite pitchers. He's got a deep bag of pitches, and when I watch him pitch I really have no idea what he's going to do next.

I wanted to figure this guy out, so I made a little game. In it, you're presented with a moment within an at bat. You're given the score, the inning, the baserunners, the count, and all the pitches thrown in the at bat so far (which is sometimes zero pitches). For each pitch you get the location, the type of pitch, and the call. Your task is to select which type of pitch he will throw next (when given four choices).

I've played a bunch while developing it, and while I'm still pretty bad at it's given me some insight into how he operates. I've had fun with it, and hope you do too.

play it here